Expert Thatch Re-Ridgeing Salisbury

We are pleased with Robert’s work on our Reed roof. He explained how he would approach the job and suggested minor patching and new ridges which should give ten more years before further work is required.

He worked hard in inclement weather and the finished ridges look very good indeed. The site was cleaned up well when finished and we would not hesitate to recommend him.

C&G Baughan

Thatching Services

Upon arranging a consultation with us we give you our expert opinion and advice on any works your Roof may need. Consultations and Quotes are completely free, Our services include:

  • Patching/Repairing existing work where possible - Sometimes its possible to patch badly worn areas on roofs to keep water out
  • Re-Ridgeing - Every 10-12 years your roof will need to have the ridge replaced  to help protect the coat-work from water penetration and faster wear. We can do all kinds of different ridges to suit the customers needs and tastes ranging from semi circle pattern ornamental ridge, diamonds and other artistic features to traditional flush Ridges
  • Re-Coating - When a roof comes to the end of its life and has gone beyond ridgeing and repair A new coat is required. We apply our coating to a minimum of 12" and a maximum of 16" using the existing thatch where possible as a basecoat, we strive to keep your property safe and dry from the weather whilst work is carried out. Coating work can be expected to last up to 30 years if maintained properly. We are highly experienced thatching roofs with all features, porches and walls
  • Netting - Is laid on the roof to keep out, Rats, mice, birds and squirrels etc from causing damage to your thatch by providing a barrier to keep them out
  • Roof Surveys - Offering an assessment and a written report on the condition of your roof and an expected remaining life span on any condition roof where required